• Plan A Realty

    Plan A Real Estate Services wanted a distinctive website that didn't look like the cookie cutter sites available from the web services companies. We created a custom site that connects directly with the Real Estate Board's RETS servers and provides real time search results without a page refresh. Just change a search factor, such as price or number of bedrooms, and the results change instantly.

    Direct connection to the Board's servers allows Plan A to show any combination of results from any city or neighbourhood without the multiple up-charges levied by the real estate web services companies and it allows them to show the information in any format they wish.


  • Trade Compete

    A local contractor found it frustrating and expensive to get leads using newspaper ads and pay per click. He knew there were thousands of other contractors with the same problem. His concept was to design a site that would allow homeowners to post projects for free, and offer those leads to qualified contractors in the various relevant trades and locations.

    This was a very complex site, with a very large, and scalable back end. The site shows contractors relevant leads in real time as they fine tune their locations and specialties.

  • Rocelco Inc.

    An Ontario importer of TV Wall Mounts, Speaker Wall Mounts and Speaker stands needed a website to allow their retailers to easily learn about their products, and to be able to download product instruction books. This site has an extensive back end that allows them to easily manage their site, add new products, adjust costs, add categories and upload images and instruction books.

    This site is fully "Responsive". That means that the is usable, and looks great on cell phones and tablets, as well as on laptops. This site was built to allow easy conversion to a full B to B eCommerce site.


  • Luksus Diamonds

    A Vancouver diamond broker came to us looking for a website. They receive a daily data feed with over 400,000 lines of data, each with 38 fields. Our system automatically downloads the data, processes it and adds it to a database we created.

    Visitors can search through thousands of diamonds, by just sliding the bars on the search pages. The search selection instantly updates without a page refresh. Try it. Just click on the link below to visit their site. You may find a diamond you like.

    Luksus came to us with just the desire for an effective website and a list of some competitor's sites. We provided the design, framework, databases and processing software, all for a fixed quoted price.


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