Brian Irwin Web Developer and Web Designer

About Brian Irwin

I am now offering my big company web development skills to private clients. My skills, and my large library of code, created while developing websites for major corporations, small and mediums sized companies, allow me to offer sophisticated websites at competitive prices, that perform to world class standards. Based in Vancouver, BC, I can meet with you to discuss your project.

Clients are often surprised at how competitive my quotes can be. As an experienced website designer and developer, I have often already completed similar projects and have code available that can speed completion and lower costs. I usually quote an all-in price for the entire project, and my quotes are often less than expected.

Web and Database Consulting

If you believe that your business needs a more effective website, please contact me for a consultation. Once I understand your business, let me recommend ways to use the web to build your business and improve your customer contacts. I'll be drawing on over 40 years experience in big business, small business and as a retailer and business owner.

Web Development

My web development, web design, and database programming services can quickly create a website that can radically improve your results. As an experienced web developer, I specialize in designing websites that work for you, to build your business.

Staff Development

I have special expertise in online staff training and online incentive programs. My programs allow you to mine an unprecedented amount of data by analysing the results and performance of site users.

Web Designer

Are you looking for a unique website design for your new business? Do you need a website designer to update your existing site? I can produce a web design that looks great, and will get the results that you are looking for. I'll design your website to be not only beautiful, but also effective. As a coder, and website builder, I know how to integrate all of the latest web technologies into your site design, creating a responsive, clean, dynamic website that you'll be proud of.

Vancouver SEO Services

Your website won't be effective, no matter how good it looks, if no one finds you. Let me help you move your site to the top of the search engine rankings. I know how to combine local SEO, global SEO and "on page" SEO, to move you quickly to the front page. My own site is on the first page for most of my major keywords. See my SEO page

I am a Vancouver SEO and Lower Mainland SEO Expert. SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Database Developer

When you need your website to really do something, and want someone who can make your data work miracles, let me create the database programming to make your website an asset to you and your customers. With the new web technologies available, including AJAX, jQuery and HTML5, combined with a properly normalized database, can now perform tasks that could previously only be done with a desktop program. Put your data to work. Let your imagination go. If you can think of it, I can create it.